Basics: Guide to Uber Pricing

Hello there! Here’s a guide to Uber pricing here in Metro Manila.

First of, there are two (2) types of cars you can request thru Uber: uberX and Black Car.


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Car types: sedan and AUV (e.g. Vios, Innova, Adventure, etc.)

Minimum Fare: Php 60

Base Fare: Php 40

Per Minute Rate: Php 2/min

Per Kilometer Rate: Php 5.7/km

 Black Car

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Car types: SUVs (e.g. Fortuner, Montero, Grandia, Everest, etc)

Minimum Fare: Php 120

Base Fare: Php 90

Per Minute Rate: Php 2.10/min

Per Kilometer Rate: Php 12.92/km

It’s important to note how Uber calculates for your fare:

Fare = [Base Fare + (Time x Per Min Rate) + (Distance x Per Distance Rate)] x Surge

Surge Pricing

Another important thing to remember is that Uber has surge pricing. This means that normal fare surges by the multiplier based on the demand for Uber service. Right now, surge pricing ranges from 1.3x up to 4.0x the normal fare. This surging is determined by the algorithm of Uber (we think). For example, if the surge pricing is 2.0x the normal fare, your total fare is doubled as simple as that. 🙂

You always have the option to wait for the surge to pass. There’s an option before requesting for an Uber to accept the surge pricing or to notify you when the fare is back to normal.

How do you know if there’s surge pricing? Look for the lightning icon. Refer to the pictures below.

Screenshot_2014-12-15-13-31-02 Screenshot_2014-12-15-13-31-14Screenshot_2014-12-15-13-32-24

Sample Fare Calculation

Here’s a sample fare calculation with surge pricing of 1.3x. All of these are available in your trip history in your Rider Dashboard. Uber also emails you the trip invoice showing the fare calculation.


free ride qpkmy

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106 thoughts on “Basics: Guide to Uber Pricing

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  3. I have a toyota wigo g automatic and i would like to know if i can use it in uber once ltfrb already declare the start of tnvs pls reply asap because i need to pay the monthly of the wigo with the help of uber in the service


    • Hi Albert,

      We don’t have info yet regarding compact cars. Let’s hope it’s considered in the new rules from DOTC and LTFRB.


  4. Hi. I got a brand new honda brio amaze and I got this because of uber and I wanna know if it is accepted to DOTC and LTRFRB?
    Thank you very much.


  5. Hi!

    I have a black Ford Ranger pickup, I’m wondering if pickups are allowed to be registered in Uber. Thanks. Model 2013


  6. hi, really confused about the “all requirement uploaded before attending onboarding session” thing.
    my husband was supposed to attend the on boarding last Saturday but then when we checked the requirements (w/c we thought is just his pro driver’s license) uber wants applicant to upload ALL the driver and ca req’ts prior to attending on boarding session.. would you pls enlighten us? thanks in advance! 🙂


  7. Hi I have a aquestion. I signed up as partner operator but there was no option if i were to choose uberx or uber black as my desired car. where can i click the option to choose uber black?


    • HI RJ,

      What do you mean how long can you use it? as of now there’s no advise as to when the minimum year requirement will be changed.


      • Hi,

        Sorry for the confusion. Just wanted to know if there’s a maximum number of years of use for certain car models. Thanks!


  8. Hi, i own a toyota vios 2014, the color is red, is there a car color requirement? some of my friends told me that i should own a black colored car for uber. thanks.


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  10. hi po ask ko lang ung sa type po ng
    uber we have

    partner driver, partner operator and driver

    pano po un husband ko ung mag drive ng car sakin po naka name. ano tawag samin para po kasi sa requirements ng tnvs.


  11. Sir/Madam Admin,
    May Van po ako Grandia 2015 kabibili lang po and gusto ko po sana ipasok sa UBER sa ngayon po ay nasa bataan po ang aking van. wala po bang chance para makapasok na rin po ang uber sa bataan? maraming salamat po!


  12. Hi.. Im gerard. Some people talking about the mirage G4 has a problem with DOTC and LTFRB problem.. How true is that…? There’s issue about the 1.2 3cylinder engine is not allowed..


  13. I am interested to be part of uber and willing to buy vios or altis.. What is the next schedule for the session? And if i buy a unit how long is the process to start the business? Where is your office to get more information because im really interested to do this business


    • Hi there is no advise yet if and when Uber will hold Info sessions again. But this is not a requirement to register, you can still sign up as a Partner.


  14. Hi po ng paprocess po aq ng documents pass na po ko ang kulang ko na lang po dati is drivers licence na proffecional bago mg start ang ltfrv requirements. Makapagstart na po ba ko pag na update ko ung documents na driver licence ko habang inaayus ung LTFRV requirements ko?


  15. im registered as uber driver with vehicle not in my name all is well, and in the processes of submitting all docs. needed. my problem is. the vehicle owner wants a to received her pay as operator(being the car owner) in a separate acct. or deposit in her bank? is this possible?
    does she have to make an acct. as partner operator? then add me as driver? what would happen to my acct then?
    The big problem is doesn’t want to be left behind, she wants to be part of it.yes it is possible i know but thats not her point,
    in her part she giving all the opportunity and in all legality in all aspect,(using her vehicle) to start my own business and maybe someday have my own car registered on my name added to my uber acct. which i very much appreciate. all she wanted is a separate pay how can you help me on this?
    hope to hear from you soon


  16. ‘Im confuse about the list. Uber mention there that you only accept sedan compact, sedan and suv. Anu po ang assurance ko na pwede ang Brio Hatchback? 2 types kasi ang Brio. ung isa Brio Hatchback the other one is the Brio Amaze Sedan. Anu po sa dalawa ang pwede ienrol sa Uber? thank you!


  17. Hi! I want to know, is the partner operator incharge for the devices or the devices? how about the gasoline who will shoulder the gasoline? how much will i pay the drivers rate? thank you


    • Uber just gives you the net fare after they take their 20% trxn fee, they don’t shoulder gasoline or anything. It’s up to you what arrangement will you make if you have a hired driver.


  18. Hi just want to follow up my TNVS application. they already replied to me that my requirments are passed. they said that they will pass this to LTFRB. I was waiting for to about weeks until now they dont have any reply yet if what was the status of my application. hope you can help me on this.


  19. Clarification on taxes for uber partners whose vehicle is not in their name. Who will be responsible in paying the tax? Is it the partner or the vehicle owner who is the TNVS applicant?


  20. Hello i was already approved in getting a mirage hatchback or mirage g4 please tell me which one is accepted in UBER? I have to make sure, thank you!


  21. Hi. I’m glad to have read this blog. I am driving Montero but Uber registered me as UberX (4 seater). I am supposed to be enrolled as uberBLACK. What can I do to this matter? Thank you. 🙂


    • hinold lang po ni LTFRB ang new applications para mareview po ang mga proseso. para po pagbalik mas ok na. para po sa ikakabuti nating mga partners ito. Kaya chillax lang po muna tayo


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