Tips: How to share your Uber invite code

In one of our posts, we gave you a tip on how you can customize your Uber invite code. You can see that post here.

Today, we’ll run through ways on how you can share your Uber invite code to your friends and family. Of course, you can send your invite code via text message or as a private message to your friends in your social networks. Be creative! ūüėČ


Uber has provided you tools to easily do this.

Option 1: Thru the web dashboard, click on the “Free Ride” button. You can share your invite code thru Facebook, Twitter, or email it to your friends.


Option 2: Thru the app, go to the Main Menu and choose “SHARE”. You have more options for sharing.

sharing 2

Option 3: At the end of the Uber receipt email, there’s an option to share your invite code.


Option 4: You can also share your invite code thru the Uber mail sent to you when you’ve earned credits.


Give Uber, Get Uber! Win Win!

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How to Customize your Uber Invite Code

Want to earn more Uber credits? Get more credits by sharing your Invite Code to your friends.

Your friends can use your Invite code to get a Php 200 credit upon signing up. Once your friend uses Uber for his/her first trip, you will also get your Php 200 credit. Win! Win!

As Uber puts it:

Everyone loves a free ride, so keep the generosity going. The more credits you give, the more you get. Win win.

Upon signing up, Uber gives you a random invite code but did you know you can customize this so you can easily share the code with your friends?

Just log in at then in your web dashboard click “Profile” in the sidebar menu. Click “Customize” and input your personalized Invite Code. Click “Claim” to know if your chosen invite code is available. Once it’s available, save by clicking “Update Profile” otherwise, choose another invite code that’s available.


How do you know if you’ve earned credits? Uber will email you that your friend has taken a ride and you get the credits for inviting them. The email looks something like this:


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Basics: How to redeem Uber Promo Codes

Hello Uber people!

This post is about redeeming Uber promo codes. There are different types of promo codes, some gives discount on trip fares, some gives credits which you can consume and apply to your fare, some gives free rides up to a certain amount, some are location (pick up and destination point) specific, etc etc. The discount/ promo will then be reflected in your fare invoice after the trip.

Here’s how you can redeem Uber promo codes. There are 3¬†ways; a)¬†through the main menu of the mobile app, b) through the screen¬†before you request for your ride, and c) on your web dashboard.

A) through the Main Menu of the mobile app

Screenshot_2014-12-15-19-25-36     Screenshot_2014-12-15-15-14-05     Screenshot_2014-12-15-15-14-28

Step 1: Open Uber App, Step 2: Open Main Menu on the upper left and click “PROMOTIONS”, Step 3: Input Promo Code and click “Apply”


¬†Note:¬†¬†There are times when¬†the command returns an error. If that happens, just click “Apply” one more time¬†and that will do the trick.

¬† If you’d like to check if the credits are credited to your account, simply go back to the Main Menu and click “Payment”. The redeemed credits should be reflected there, if it’s an Uber credit promo code.

B) Through the screen before you request for your ride

 Screenshot_2014-12-15-19-25-36    Screenshot_2014-12-19-11-17-25     Screenshot_2014-12-19-11-17-39

Step 1: Open Uber App and click the Next (>) button, Step 2: Click the button “PROMO CODE” on the lower right just beside Fare Estimate, Step 3: Input the Promo Code in the pop-up dialogue box and click “APPLY”

Note:¬†¬†There are times when¬†the command returns an error. If that happens, just click “Apply” one more time¬†and that will do the trick.

C) Through your web dashboard

uber-website-loginStep 1: Login to your Uber account at


Step 2: Click “Payment” in your side bar menu

dashboard1 Step 3: Input promo code in the highlighted box and click “Apply”


Redeem this promo code “ubermnltips” to get Php 200 Uber credits when you register to Uber.